The Nightmare Client

Pull up your seats and read this story of the "Nightmare Client".

"This is the story of The Nightmare Client.

Towards the end of 2019, you knew 2020 was going to be your year. Those clients had started coming in a little easier and you started to feel like “Okay, this business I’m building can totally help me support my dreams!!”

You saw your earnings start to go up and up little by little each month, so you felt like it was time to dream BIG.

So you set yourself a big-ass 2020 goal.

You wanna hit those 5 figure months! 💸

That big-ass goals required you to get more clients in pronto!

So you ramped up your promo, your messaging and your outreach, and you get your fave kind of notification pop up on your phone:

“Hi, how much are your services plz?”

You arrange a phone call ASAP, but not too-ASAP - cause you don’t wanna seem desperate, right?! 🤣 But a girl’s got goals to hit so you’re making sure you get that calendar BOOKED UP!

You book that call for the next day and have that celebratory glass of prosecco in sight for tomorrow night 🥂

📞 Ring ring, ring ring…

On the call, the conversation isn’t quite flowing how you want it to. You envisioned you being the ALPHA in this, but they keep interrupting with questions, like:

“How long until I see results?” “How many clients have you got at the moment?” “Who have you worked with in my industry?” “How long did it take for them to see results?” “Are there any guarantees?”

….and that’s BEFORE you even get to the price question.

“So how much is this gonna cost me then?”

You hesitate. You know they needed a lot of convincing, and going in too expensive could kill them off completely.

So you mentally calculate how much to drop your price by to secure them as a client. 😬

They come back to you with a barrage of objections and umming and arring:

“I’ll need to check this with my husband first.” “This is way too out of my price range.” “Can you offer a free trial?” “Can you go any lower than that?!”

Finally, after one longggg call you agree to write up a summary and send it over to them via email for them to review.

Over the next few days, they begin to fire more questions at you over email, until EVENTUALLY YOU GET THAT YES!

They’ve agreed that they want to work with you 🎉🎉🎉

You should be ELATED because MORE CLIENTS = MORE MONEY!! Right?!

Oh my love, you could not be more wrong.

That SAME client you thought was part of your path to scaling your biz becomes the main drain of your time, your energy, and your sleep. 😴

The Nightmare Client is almost always the same. LOW budget, HIGH expectations.

I’m here to remind you of this:

  • ➡ Taking on every client who agrees to work with you is NOT how you should scale a business

  • ➡ Undervaluing yourself causes you to attract clients with little respect for your skills

  • ➡ Undercharging for your time causes you to attract clients with little respect for your time

  • ➡ You are in charge here! You set the tone for how this arrangement will work and what the scope of work is that you agree too, so if you don’t set boundaries, that scope of work will be taken advantage of

From the very first interaction with a potential client, YOU have to be in charge of the situation and not let the fact that you have certain money goals take over.

The number one way to scare off The Nightmare Client completely is to raise your prices and CHARGE YOUR WORTH! 👑

I see so many of you completely undervaluing yourselves and it PAINS me! When you charge that low, you also set people’s expectations of the industry to be low, so you’re not just hurting you! You’re hurting everyone else in here too.

Raising your prices, charging your worth and attracting your DREAM clients is the key to scaling your business successfully.

But you need is the right mindset, the right approach, and the right strategy in order to do so."

This story is an excerpt from the amazing Amy Crumpton Owner of The Social Cactus.

At some point we have to decide to get off the merry go round and curate a process that attracts the right clientele. You let me know when you're interested in a coaching experience that will set your business in motion in the right direction this year. Get off the merry go round and walk into the light hun. ;)

Frechic Burton-Austin is the Brand Strategist and co-owner of and sole owner of, an award winning small business company specializing in digital business identity solutions. Frechic creates marketing and branding strategies that allow business owners to reach their ideal clients everyday.

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