Find Your Juice. Exploit the Hell Out of It

In an age where people are more connected through our fingertips than our hearts, it’s tough competing with the most curated and established brands as a business owner. Social media algorithms exist to dictate our social feeds based on who's got the most likes, biggest budget, and who most likely represents what we’ve proven in the past to be interested in the most.

Everyday we are all exposed to both major or micro influencers who not only seem to develop the best content, but who also manage to post a picture of perfection at 7:30am every day and get 1,159 likes by 9:00am on a Monday while you’re still rolling out of bed. So many of us wonder how do we compete with that?

Here’s the secret...

You don’t.

For every influencer you see with the perfectly curated brand, we see it too. And guess what?

WE ARE TIRED OF IT. We need you to find your juice and exploit the hell out of it.

ex·ploit: verb /ikˈsploit/ make full use of and derive benefit from (a resource)

What we want and need to see is that you have something different... something creative. Something that stands out in your posts and sets you apart from him, her, or them. We need to experience YOU.

You don’t compete by being better. Nobody really cares who’s better. We care about who is different.

How are you showing up differently than the rest? That’s all that really matters at the end of the day.

Guess what yall? Creativity is a FREAKING commodity! At times it seems like nobody is creative. Everyone just wants to do what they see other influencers and marketers do.

It's such a commodity that creatives have begun taking their creative designs, releasing them, and allowing them to be manipulated and duplicated for non-creatives to use over and over again.You know what that's called? It’s called a template.

People would rather use a template a million times instead of forming new, interesting, and creative ideas void of any other influence that exists.

We get so excited about the newer, faster, smaller, and more efficient versions of everything but we haven’t figured out how to create something completely new. Even worse, our future thought leaders are being silenced. They certainly struggle being cultivated in traditional classroom environments.

It’s crazy to me that we are creating a generation of citizens who are really good at following rules, testing well, and regurgitating the ideas and thoughts of creative leaders of our past without understanding and realizing the importance of cultivating the same thought patterns within our future generations.

But here's the good news... You’re creative. You have it in you. I see it and that's why you're here. Your creativity is a huge asset that you can use to make money. You need to utilize this every single day. Your job as a creative thought leader is to influence people’s thinking.

Your mind floods with ideas (your juice!) on a daily basis but you refuse to allow yourself to step into that avenue because you’re either a perfectionist who doesn’t want to release anything that isn’t just right or you’re a procrastinator who's intimidated by anything that seems like too much work, time, and effort.

Whatever your reason, let’s make a commitment today that you won’t let that idea die with you. Find your juice and exploit the hell out of it... Start creating something different right now.

- SociallyChic


Frechic Burton-Austin is the Brand Strategist and co-owner of and sole owner of, an award winning small business company specializing in digital business identity solutions. Frechic creates marketing and branding strategies that allow business owners to reach their ideal clients everyday.

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( Photo by "The Lazy Artist Gallery" and "nappy" from Pexels)

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