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"Chic pieced together my back story and designed a masterpiece that explains my journey to becoming a literacy advocate. She's amazing. I'm so impressed with the imagination, professionalism and the heart that Chic brings to her work." - Margaret Bernstein

"Chic has been a welcomed addition as a social media consultant to our branding and marketing team for C L Magazine - Career & Lifestyle Magazine. She is a consummate professional and has developed several creative ideas for engaging our potential audiences on a variety of social media platforms. We look forward to our future opportunities!" - Alexandria Johnson Boone

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"How I leveraged the world's most powerful networking tool"

Have you ever had an amazing yearning inside of you to do something amazing? Something that would take a huge risk in your life but you knew the outcome would be greater than where you were that day? Well... that was me a couple of moons ago. 

I had just gotten into the groove at my job and the organization I worked for was going through a huge transition. I felt God tugging at my spirit to move. He kept urging me to leave the 9-5 and branch out on my own. I had every reason not to. 

I had just purchased a brand new home.

I have 3 children to take care of.

I had virtually NO savings.

But I prayed and prayed about it. I knew I had a gift of marketing. I had been doing it consistently on the side already for 18 months. I spoke to other professionals who also took the leap to branch out into their own businesses. They encouraged me and told me "If anyone can do this, it would be you!" I walked into my boss's office equipped with my two week notice. But something inside of me told me not to pull it out just yet. I had a 45 minute conversation with my boss about how I would like to transition out of full-time employment at this organization. I went further to explain, "I'd like the opportunity to win you as my first client."

After the initial shock wore off, they eventually said "Yes!" From that day forward my income and opportunities in business tripled. I quickly realized I had something! There was something to the method that I chose to market my clients and their businesses. 

Before I knew it, I had more clients than I could handle. Life was good. Business was good. But there was that twinge and push from God again telling me to head in another direction. He started instructing me to teach others what I knew. Help them to market their businesses effectively so they too can take control of their lives, their finances, and their businesses. 

Since then I have travelled the world physically and virtually training professionals on how to build effective websites, how to cultivate online communities, and create digital brands. I’ve been blessed with some amazing collaborative opportunities with top businesses in the field. 

The best part of what I do is the flexibility it offers. I can spend more time with my family than ever. They are an integral part of my success and I couldn't do any of it without their love and support. I want to help you reach new heights as well. If you're stuck in your marketing and want to learn how to increase your following and engagement, apply for one-on-one coaching today!